Because we love boats and the accompanying lifestyle, we are able to impart our enthusiasm to our prospective buyers. Promarine is proud to recognize that we have a long list of boat owners who have bought more than one boat from us over the years, and they still continue to source from us.

“Alan is not a Yacht broker, he is a friend who will invite you into his family, share his experience, give you advise and help you realize your dream. He is reliable, competent, honest and knows Asia best. Alan is the guy you want to have on board when you are buying a boat as you wish you could have him on the watch at night.”

Philippe Dallee

“Alan was instrumental in helping me make one of the best decisions in my life… to buy my 50′ sailing yacht. His confident and seemingly casual style is backed by a huge depth of knowledge and experience which gives one great respect for his generous advice. Those who get to know Alan will understand exactly what I mean. The pre-sales and after-sales experience gained through rendezvous trips adds to the pleasure. Our trip to Pulau Aur on a similar yacht 3 months before my own was due for delivery added a lot to the experience and anticipation. Also, having Alan selflessly motor over in his tender to help us pick up a mooring in a tricky channel during a rain squall for nothing more than a bacon sandwich in return was priceless!”

Gordon Fraser
SV “Sayang”

“I bought my Albin 28 TE from ProMetheus last year. Alan and his team were were very professional, attentive and reliable. It was a good experience and I will certainly go back to ProMetheus for my next boat. Thank you guys!”

Danny Lim

“I have always found Alan to be extremely knowledgeable, helpful, honest and very easy to deal with. Nothing is too much trouble for him and these attributes clearly rub off on his team. Thank you Alan for the years of support.”

Peter L Pela
Managing Director
Tall Ship Adventures Pte Ltd

“I have known Alan Pickering since my arrival in Singapore in 1998, and over the years I have bought and sold numerous boats with his assistance. Alan always takes the time and trouble to advise and assist me regardless of whether there is an immediate transaction to be done, and he has helped me in many ways over the years. I could not recommend Alan highly enough to other boat enthusiasts.”

Tim Robins
Pan Asia Presidio

“I have known Alan and his team for over seven years and have always found them proactive, trustworthy and helpful at all times, a pleasure to work with.”

Stuart Williamson

“Even though we had our own boat when we arrived in Singapore from California, we’ve found Alan and Lyn Pickering’s knowledge and support has been invaluable : no-body knows S.E. Asia like the Pickerings/ProMarine. And Alan is highly competent with all aspects of boats, including engines : he helped us fix an engine issue at the start of a friendly cruise with several friends, which would have had to be cancelled had he not been there. We wouldn’t do boat business with anyone else but him or his team.”

Glen & Henry