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Majesty Superyacht Coming

23-26 April 2015

Gulf Craft Launches Three New Majesty Yachts

Gulf Craft has launched three of its Majesty Superyachts into the water to demonstrate its remarkable capacity to turn out the premium quality vessels.

The UAE – based builder has already been displayed at the Dubai International Boat Show and now coming to Singapore Yacht Show being Held 23rd to 26th April. The three Majesty yachts are the latest additions to the Gulf Craft’s line of luxury fly bridge Superyachts and combine and elegance with sophisticated technology to create the epitome of true royal cruising. The latest illustration of Gulf Craft’s commitment to innovation and high- quality engineering.

Now with Gulf Craft extending its geographic reach Alan Pickering and his Team from Promarine are here at the Singapore Yacht Show 2015 to show the Best of Majesty Superyachts to you and viewing the quality, design and manufacturing of these fine Yachts.

Link information for the up-and-coming arrival for Majesty Yachts: Promarine E Invite 2015

Here are the Yachts coming to Singapore Yacht Show 2015

Here we have the Majesty 48 coming to the Singapore Yacht Show 2015

Gulf Craft Corporate Video April 2015